IT ALL STARTED in 2005 when my girlfriend, who was moving to another country, came up with an idea to create a shared blog as a platform for us to update each other about our life events. I did not blog very often back then because of the ultra slow internet connection in Indonesia.

In 2006, after a major heartbreak, I decided to blog about how I felt (it did not sound ridiculous for a 13 years old teenage girl), During that time, I also tried other blogging platforms, namely: wretch.cc, 163, friendster blog, typepad, wordpress, etc. I regularly updated my wretch blog until 2009 where I got lazier and eventually, stopped blogging.

In 2007, I drove around the town almost every weekend to practice driving. During the practice, I stopped by several restaurants, snapped pictures of food, and uploaded them to this blog. That was how this blog turned into a food blog. I regularly updated my blog at least twice a week with reviews of the food and restaurant. However, in early 2010, my blog was hacked and although I got the blog back, all of my posts were removed. Sadly, I could not obtain those posts back. After that, I was too busy with school activities and social life to spare some time to update the blog.

In mid 2011, I used this blog as a platform to express my love towards my (now ex-) boyfriend whom I was a having a long-distance relationship with. If you take a look at my 2011 archive, you will see that almost every post was dedicated to my (now ex-) boyfriend.

NOW in 2015, I decided to blog again! Maybe because it has been a part of me since I don't know when. Currently, I am trying to live my life to the fullest without having to worry what the future holds.

I'm not a wordsmith - so my blog will fill with more pictures instead of words. Don't judge me through my posts, you don't get to know me by reading my blog. :)